Poodle Rescue

Watchung Mountain Poodle Club  Rescue works in the New Jersey area to re-home homeless poodles.   Also try Petfinder itself and search for a poodle located in your local shelter or all-breed group.

Did you know there is a national network of poodle rescue group?
The Poodle Club of America Rescue Foundation works across the country finding homes for poodles. 

Poodle Rescue and Other Links

Laura, By Diane Whitehouse, cassie@lightspeed.net
Poodle Organizations   
Click here for the website of the Poodle Club of AmericaThis a great place to learn more about breed information, health issues, shows and much more. 
Click here for the website of the Poodle Health Registry. This a great place to learn more about health issues in poodles. 

Click her for the Orthopedic Foundation for Animals.
You can check for info on heath test  methods and results on poodles.

Click here for the website of Versatility in Poodles. This site is very educational and has lots of great information. 
 Click here for the New Brunswick Kennel Club. This local club has a site with lots of information for people owning or looking to own a purebred dog.  There is show information and breeder directory information for all breeds.  
These lovely poodles found loving  homes through the efforts of  our rescue group.