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Watchung Mountain Poodle Club Rescue Inc   

Prospective Owner Questionnaire

This questionnaire was prepared for the benefit of you, the prospective owner, and for the dog that you plan to have become a part of your family. The following questions will help us match a dog with the proper home based on the prospective owner’s lifestyle and on the rescue dog’s personality and abilities. Please complete the form and submit it, so that you can be placed on a waiting list. Applications are kept for 3 months only as it has been our experience that people will no longer be looking after 2-3 months, usually having obtained a dog from elsewhere. If we attempt to contact you and receive no response to our phone calls after a few days, we'll assume that you no longer wish to be on our wait list. 

Please do not apply unless you're certain you're ready to accept a dog right away.  We do not "deliver" and we do not hold dogs. You should be prepared to meet your poodle at his foster home and pick him or her up when ready.  

Email Address
Laura,by Diane Whitehouse
Why do you want a poodle? 
What variety/size of poodle are you interested in (Toy, Mini, Standard)? 
Do you prefer a male or female?
What age range will you accept?        (For example: under three years, four to six, etc.)

*Please be advised that puppies almost never come into our rescue; most rescue dogs are over two years.*

If you're interested in a specific dog that is listed on the web page, which one?
Do you have other pets? 
What kind of pets do you have? 
If you have other dogs, what breed, sex and age are they? And are they spayed or neutered?  We require all current pets to be spayed or neutered.

How do you think your other pets will get along with a new dog? How would you introduce a new dog?
Do you anticipate any problems?

Have you had a pet before? If so what kind? 
How long did you have that pet? What happened to it?
Have you ever owned a poodle before? 
If yes, what happened to your poodle? 

Who is this poodle for? 
If not for you, this is the person aware he/she will be getting a poodle?

How many adults live in your home?
Please list their names and ages.
Do you have children at home? If so, please list their first names and their ages: 
Does everyone in your family want a dog? 
Please answer the following questions about your home:
If leasing/renting, does your lease allow pets? 
Do you have a fenced yard? If so, please fully describe the fence, including height.
 (electric or traditional, fencing material, partially or totally fenced, etc.): 
What is the size of your yard?
Do you have a pool?
If so, is it fenced in a separate area? 
Describe where your dog will live, i.e. indoors, outdoors, basement, etc.
Approximately how many hours a day will your dog be left alone?
Where will the dog stay while no one is home? 
During the day while someone is home, where will your dog be kept? 

During the night where will the dog be kept? 

 How often do you travel?
Where will the dog stay if you're traveling?

Do you realize that a poodle may live for 10-20 years? 
Are you committed to caring for a dog for these 10-20 years? 
Are you aware of the grooming costs and requirements of Poodles 
(approx. $35-150 every 4-6 weeks.) 
boarding costs (approx. $15-45 per day)
and normal yearly veterinary costs
(approx. $150-750 per year)  ?

How do you expect the dog to behave in your home? 

What kind of activities do you plan on doing with your dog? Have you attended obedience classes with previous dogs and with whom?

Some rescue dogs may have behavioral problems due to their past situations. 
Are you willing to attend obedience and other types of classes to train your dog, and to deal with any behavioral issues the dog has? Please explain.
Are you agreeable to returning the dog, should some unforeseen circumstance arise wherein you would no longer be able to keep the dog? 
We try to conduct applicant home visits whenever possible.
Would you be willing to allow us to visit your home? 
When would be the best time to schedule a visit if you are agreeable to one?
How did you find out about us? 
Please list two character references whom we may contact and are unrelated to you. 
Phone numbers are preferred. 
Do you have a veterinarian whom we could contact?  If so please list name and telephone number. 

**** This application will not be processed without the name and phone number of your current vet. **** 

Do you have a groomer whom we could contact?  If so please list name and telephone number. 

**** This application will not be processed without the name and phone number of your current groomer. **** 


Do you have any questions? 
This form was completed by 
If you need more information on our group 
please visit our website
for Watchung Mtn Poodle Club Rescue. 

Adoption Donations
 Adoption donations are on a sliding scale and based on the age of the dog 
 Puppy under one year - $600
12 to 18 months-$500 
18 months to 4 years-$450
 5 years to 6 years-$350
7 years and older-$100

 Our higher adoption donations for younger dogs help us recover some of the higher veterinary costs associated with our older rescue dogs. All of the veterinary expenses in our rescue efforts are entirely funded by our adoption donations and we receive no outside monetary assistance.  

If you need more information on our group 
please visit our webpage
for Watchung Mtn Poodle Club Rescue. 
Cell Phone Number/Home Phone Number
Is there anyone in your home with special needs or requirements for your new poodle?
Please note that upon proper submission of your application you will be redirected to a page confirming we have received it. You will NOT receive an email confirmation.